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Hong Kong’s environment friendly industrial fair aims to provide more sustainable solutions on its second year. With more green products and services lined up for display, Mother Earth can’t help but feel elated

The Hong Kong government’s efforts to combat climate change is about to become more intense with its fifth edition of Eco Expo Asia at the Asia-World Expo this November.

A joint project of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) and Messe Frankfurt with vital support and guidance from the Environment Bureau of the Hong Kong government, Eco Expo Asia is expected to be the center of green business in the region.

The theme for this year is ‘Business Solutions to Climate Change,’ and will feature timely and efficient answers to the environmental problems in Asia.

Exhibitors have been grouped into four main categories for the fair: Air Quality, Energy Efficiency, Waste Management and Recycling, and Eco-friendly Products. A special area will also feature display areas for electric vehicles and other green technology.

Aside from the exhibits, the event will be held simultaneously with the Eco Asia Conference that will feature renowned environmental experts from all over the world. The trade fair and the conference together make Hong Kong a potential international gold mine for modern environment friendly technology.

The city will also host the Eco Asia C40 Conference to coincide with the trade fair. The conference will focus on two primary aspects of climate change solutions: green building and electric vehicles. Government officials and environmental experts from over 40 cities, as well as representatives from commercial and non-government sectors, are expected to meet in Hong Kong to share their insights on climate change, and the solutions that they could adapt to mitigate its effects.

Saving the Earth, the China Way

China’s mainland government has vowed to reduce carbon emissions by 40-45% ten years from now. The plan has already been included in the 12th Five- Year Plan for 2011–2015. But in order to accomplish this feat, the government needs an annual investment of US$30 billion (204.4 billion yuan).

Additionally, transforming China into a ‘Low Carbon Economy’ along with the expansion of renewable energy resources will be given a higher priority, and will need another annual investment of about US$147 billion (1 trillion yuan) until 2050.

Last year, the Hong Kong government and the Guangdong provincial government signed an Environmental Cooperation Agreement aimed at enhancing the region’s environmental quality. The agreement paves the way for improved cooperation to transform the Pearl River Delta into a green and quality-living area.

A recent report from Asian Developing Bank warns that Southeast Asia will be suffering a projected 7–8% decrease in GDP from climate change by the end of this century. With the region and its neighbors now looking for practical solutions to addressing this issue, Hong Kong is an ideal location for both buyer and exhibitors to converge. And this is what Eco Expo Asia hopes to take advantage of for the second consecutive year as Asia’s one-stop access point to environmental solutions.

Print ed: 04/10


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