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Sofitel’s Spiral Focuses on Health, Wellness

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According to Chinese tradition, an individual’s wellness is the result of a perfect balance of chi, the unseen life force inherent in all things.

This harmony can be achieved by achieving a peaceful state of mind, for instance, or eating the right types of food.

The rest of the world has learned to embrace this centuries-old ideology as, seemingly, every culture now adapts its cuisine to more nutritious fare.

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila recognized this trend and introduced Cuisine Vitale, a refreshing line-up of healthy and nourishing dishes. Cuisine Vitale will be available at all stations of Spiral, the hotel’s flagship restaurant, through room service, as well as Sofitel’s other hotels around the world.

Creamy Chocolate and Praline CakeCuisine Vitale includes a wide range of dishes that are low in calories (less than 40 calories per serving) and either cholesterol-free (less than 2 mg of cholesterol per serving and 2 grams or less of saturated fat per serving) or low in cholesterol (20 mg or less of cholesterol per serving and 2 grams or less of saturated fat per serving).

Executive chef Christian Werdenberg and the culinary team of Cuisine Vitale use natural, organic ingredients, which are cooked in the most innovative ways to bring out intrinsic flavors.

Each dish also underwent comprehensive nutrient analysis by a certified dietitian and has a label indicating how many calories and how much fat and cholesterol it has. Vegetables and herbs are sourced from local markets, specifically Tagaytay.

Werderberg shares a couple of recipes with China Business readers.


Rolled Eggplant With Feta Roll and Pine Nuts

Ingredients for 40 servings at 100%

Rolled Eggplant With Feta Roll and Pine Nuts250 g Feta cheese
12 g Garlic chips, roasted
250 g Ricotta cheese
4 g Parsley, fresh
30 g Pine nuts
Seasoning (salt+pepper, chives)
600 g Eggplant
2 dl Olive oil
(Note: 1 dl = 100 ml)

Put feta cheese and garlic chips in a bowl; whisk until soft and smooth. Add the ricotta, seasoning, and freshly roasted pine nuts. Slice the eggplants lengthwise (use a slicing machine). Sauté in olive oil and dry well on kitchen paper. Spread the eggplants on plastic film. Pipe the feta mixture on and roll up to around 2.5-cm diameter. Chill well before slicing. Garnish with parsley.


Gazpacho - Oyster Shooter

Ingredients for 4.500 liters at 100%

1.2 kg Tomatoes, peeled and seeded
250 g Onions
100 g Pepper, red, seeded
70 g Pepper, green, seeded
80 g Cucumbers, peeled and seeded
30 g Garlic
6 cl Vinegar, red wine
6 cl Lemon juice, fresh pressed
1.2 dl Olive oil, extra
30 g Tomato paste 5/1
3 l Tomato juice
Seasoning (salt+pepper)
Fresh shucked oysters
(Note: 1 dl = 100 ml; 1 cl = 10 ml)

Combine all ingredients for the gazpacho and blend until smooth. Set cold and adjust seasoning. Pour gazpacho in chilled shot glasses and add one piece oyster each.

print ed: 11/07


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