Laptop Lust

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The MacBook is for those who shun more pedestrian-type laptops.

Nothing sets you apart from the crowd than that little fruit behind the monitor. There’s a built-in iSight camera for video chatting-on-the-go to go along with the glossy 13-inch widescreen display. It weighs only 2.36 kg and has a lithium-polymer battery, which can provide up to 6 hours of power.

Sony VGN-AR70BSony VGN-AR70B
If you’re one of those who can’t stand not having the hottest and the latest, then you’ll definitely lust after the Sony VGN-AR70B. It is one of the world’s first notebooks to sport a Blu-ray Disc (BD) drive. (The BD Drive lets you copy discs real fast.) You can also use it to edit high-definition footage. Now you can lurk near the water cooler, pounce on your unsuspecting coworkers, and bore them to death with footage of your last out-of-town vacation.

Asus U3Asus U3
The U3 is another Asus baby. It sports a shiny black exterior, leather interior, and chromed edges. (If it had wheels, you’d definitely find it in one of those music videos with the gyrating ladies.) Its Intel Core 2 processor assures the driver... errr, user of high performance and seamless operation. It has Wi-Fi, stereo speakers, a Bluetooth antenna, wireless LAN antenna, and GPS. Perfect if you don’t want to roll down the car window to ask for directions. Weight is unbelievably light at 1.77kg.

Toshiba Tecra M7 Series
Now this you gotta see! The Toshiba Tecra M7 notebook boasts a rotating screen making your conventional PC look more like...well, like a sorry-looking old PC. Never mind if the screen measures just 14.1 inches or if battery life lasts only between 2.5–3 hours. It has a biometric fingerprint scanner, making login in to tablet mode as easy as pressing a thumb. Turn on the Tecra and you’ll feel like you’re on the set of a new Mission Impossible movie. (Missile launcher sold separately.)

Asus A8JP
It’s small yet it packs a wallop. The Asus A8JP may be your traditional 14-inch laptop, but its power and performance are enough to put larger laptops to shame. Its black and silver casing gives it a formal and conservative look business people go for (unless, of course, you leave it unattended and some kid slaps a SpongeBob sticker on it). Its high resolution screen gives you an ultra-clear glossy display. The battery gives you 11 hours of power. It tips the scales at 2.51 kg.

Fujitsu Lifebook v1010Fujitsu Lifebook v1010
The Fujitsu’s Lifebook v1010 features a crisp 15.4-inch widescreen display. And you need not worry about spilling that cup of latte your weary arms can’t bring to your lips. Like many business notebooks, the Lifebook’s keypad and touchpad are spill-resistant. Bonus: It has a multilayer DVD writer. It weighs 2.81 kg.

HP Pavilion ZV6000
This one also has a 15.4-inch wide screen. The battery lasts only 4 hours, which isn’t really bad for a portable PC. It’s a little heavy though at 3.6 kg. But hey, if the work schedule’s full, you can still enjoy some light exercise carrying this baby around. High-quality stereo speakers and its video, photography, and music software can be used all at the same time.

print ed: 01/08


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