'Nfinity' and Then Some

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Hisense HB200MHisense HB200M Mini and HB200S Slim Headset
It may sound cliché but big things do come in small packages. The HB200M Mini and HB200S Slim headsets boast a multi-point feature, which allows two different mobile phones with two different network providers to simultaneously connect to it. Its hands-free calling experience is mobility at its finest, giving users great value. A single headset comes with a magnetic clip, ear phone jackets in different sizes, ear hook, and instruction manual for that easy-to-use, wireless experience.

Hisense HB440HHisense HB440H Hi-Fi Stereo
Celebrate the wireless ease of taking calls and enjoying your favorite music with the Hisense Bluetooth device for the hip and stylish, the HB440H Hi-Fi Stereo. This darling doesn't only look casually cool with its avant-garde design but is also versatile as it is compatible with any device that has Bluetooth stereo streaming capability. The HB440H is also furnished with Hi-Fi frequency response speakers for a flawless listening experience anytime, anywhere.

Hisense HB650SHisense HB650S Car Kit
This awesome device lets you take your calls even while driving. The HB650S Car Kit is equipped with an echo-free, noise-reduction feature, which lessens background noise, and full duplex sound quality technology for users to enjoy uninterrupted conversations. It is also integrated with a Smart TTS (Text to Speech) feature that announces a caller's name during incoming calls, and a solar panel that lets you solar charge the device. The car kit can store up to 1,000 contacts and comes with a windshield cradle and an external microphone for better audio performance.

Buffalo Wireless-N RouterBuffalo Wireless-N Dual Band High Power Router and Access Point
Buffalo's AirStation Nfiniti Wireless-N Dual Band Router and Access Point is a versatile dual- band device that is ideal for the home and small office environment. It offers a simultaneous wireless operation on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands with a high-speed wireless performance that can carry up to 300Mbps. Coupled with high-power technology, including an onboard power amplifier and optimized antennae, the access point is perfect for streaming HD movies and music, as well as e-mailing from multiple devices at the same time.

Buffalo Outdoor Yagi AntennaBuffalo 14dBi High Gain Outdoor Directional Antenna
This external 14dBi High Gain Outdoor Yagi Antenna connects to the Buffalo Wireless-N Dual Band High Power Router and Access Point, extending the range of your wireless network environment. The Buffalo 14dBi Outdoor Antenna has a frequency range of 2,401–2,484MHz (Channels 1–11), which may be used to communicate between buildings or other point-to-point / point-to-multi-point situations. It can reach an approximate 1.9-mile range (3km) and applies to 1:1 communication or 1:N communication. This wireless device is lightweight and can be used with Buffalo wireless routers and access points.

ZOMM Wireleas LeashZOMM Wireless Cell Phone Leash
I bet sometime, somewhere you've lost a phone. People lose cellphones every day and ZOMM thinks it has the answer, the new ZOMM wireless leash! With this device, you'll never have to worry about leaving your phone behind. This gadget is like having four devices in one. It attaches to any key chain, and the first thing it does is sound an alarm when the owner reaches a certain distance away from the phone. The ZOMM wireless leash also notifies users of incoming calls and allows them to answer it via speakerphone. Finally, it has a switch that can be used to dial emergency services when prompted.

print ed: 04/11


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