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Two Filipino Chinese Businesses Tread Artistic Path

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Edd Sy and AMI Jewels

Filipino-Chinese businessmen are known for one thing: business. They often immerse themselves in their work to produce products with the best quality usually not found anywhere else. These businessmen offer competitive prices that entices customers, choosing them over higher priced brands--after all, majority of customers often choose quality and competitive pricing over pricier branded products.

A few Filipino-Chinese businessmen have begun to tread new paths that allow them to explore their creativity and express themselves artistically aside from practicing their business skills. Two of these businesses are Edd Sy Designs and AMI Jewels.

Edd Sy is one of the most creative wedding gown designers in the Philippines. His talent with fabric and his eye for impeccable style has produced wedding gowns that have been adored by women of great taste.

Structured learning has often removed businessmen from their creative sides, since it usually prefers to focus only on the logical. But only recently was it realized by many that creativity is needed for growth. It is needed to separate a business, a brand, or a person from competition. It means coming up with new approaches and to think differently. Edd Sy's collection is a testament to the designer's creativity and artistry. It has been favored by many women, celebrities included, for the gowns' designs.

Mr. Sy is not only known for his creativity, but also for his jovial personality. A contributing factor to his success is the way he treats his clients by making them feel comfortable and, of course, his unwavering professionalism. Mr. Sy will work with his clients from start to finish, from designing the wedding gown to fitting the finished product. These traits give the esteemed designer an edge over other wedding gown designers and suppliers (and other Filipino-Chinese businessmen for that matter), for this is what most people are looking for--knowing that their designer will be there from start to finish and will honor every wish, every request, without sacrificing style and comfort.

For 15 years now, Edd Sy has been designing beautiful clothes and wedding and debutante dresses that have appealed to many women and celebrities alike. His collection's simplicity and elegance has graced many events and weddings in the country and has made him known in the Philippine fashion industry. His creations have also been seen on many local television shows in GMA 7 and ABS-CBN. Among those who have donned the Edd Sy collection in teleseryes include Marian Rivera, Angel Locsin, Jennelyn Mercado, Valerie Concepcion, Nadine Samonte, Sam Milby, Jc de Vera, to name a few.

The Edd Sy collection is nothing short of artistic. Each gown in the collection is designed to fit the wearer perfectly, accentuating every asset, and every detail well thought of. Elegance is gained through simplicity in the collection; the designs are both subtle yet provocative. Edd Sy Collection can be viewed at www.eddsy.com.

AMI Jewels designs wedding rings and they do so with great skill. The company produces beautiful wedding rings of the highest quality and have gained a large following. Their loyal customers have referred AMI Jewels to their friends and relatives, all of them in need of great jewelry for a variety of occasions, weddings included.

Aside from wedding and engagement rings, AMI Jewels offers other pieces to complete your look on other special occasions. These include rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and brooches.

AMI Jewels is best known for its bespoke jewelry. For those who do not know, this means you get to turn the jewelry of your dreams into reality. Anyone can visit AMI Jewels and consult with their resident gemologists, designers and craftsmen in order to create a masterpiece that you want. You get to choose the materials for your jewelry and their gemologists can advise you on what precious gem would look best on your desired piece. You are also free to modify the design if you wish. 

In order to produce the best products for their customers, they continue to pursue creative ways to improve themselves and their pieces. The artistry and creativity that flows freely at AMI has created beautiful pieces that can turn any wedding magical.

Unknown to many, one of AMI Jewels' resident gemologists has studied at the Gemological Institute of America, an institute known for producing world class jewelers and craftsmen. This has given AMI the edge over other jewelers.

What sets AMI Jewels from other companies today is the quality of work they produce with each wonderful piece of jewelry. It has been around for a while and people began to notice the magnificent artistic pieces they create early on. Customer loyalty eventually followed. That also sets AMI Jewels apart from other jewelers and wedding suppliers. People continue to come to AMI. Their website www.amijewels.com features a gallery of their most beautiful and wondrous designs. These two esteemed, artistic wedding suppliers are both major sponsors to Weddings & Debuts 2012 Bridal Fair. This event will be held from February 17, 18, & 19, 2012 at the SM Megatrade Halls 1, 2, & 3. Anybody can gain free entrance to Weddings & Debuts. One simply needs log on to www.weddingsanddebuts.com.ph or text their name/s to 0915 8117839.


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