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Pioneer DV-400V-KPioneer DV-400V-K
This player is not picky! It has region-free playback that lets you view almost any disc bought from any video store in the world. And it up-converts your DVD regardless of its source. (“Up-conversion” is the techie way of saying a video with a low picture resolution can be converted to one with higher definition.) The DV-400V-K is the perfect player to have around especially if you want to get on the good side of friends and old relatives from abroad (who are awash with cash). It has a USB port right in front so you can simultaneously view their digital photos on the telly while you pretend to groove to their choice of music. Just make sure not to doze off as they yak about the pictures they took while on vacation in some remote island...or mistake your aunt for a beached whale.

Toshiba SDP 2900Toshiba SDP2900
If you’re looking for a DVD player small enough to carry around, but large enough to enjoy your favorite movies on, then you should get a Toshiba SDP2900! Find a nice spot in a public park and you and your date can enjoy your own outdoor movie screening. It has a 10.2-inch screen so you can watch Death Cop 2000 or Attack of the Killer Cyborg Squad III. But if these art films are not to her liking, you can soothe her flayed nerves by playing her favorite MP3s, or even by viewing pictures—whether they be on JPEG, or WMA format—of cute little kittens playing with a ball of yarn. Its built-in rechargeable battery can give you up to six hours of playtime.

Philips DCP 750/37
Are your bones brittle? Does your neck hurt like hell whenever you turn your head around? Yes? Then go to the nearest mall and get yourself a Philips DCP 750/37! It has a swivel screen that can turn up to 180o so you don’t have to crane your neck so much just to have a peek at what’s playing. It’s compact, stylish, and has a docking station that can charge your iPod. It also has Zero Bright Dot technology, which ensures the best screen quality by limiting the blank spots in your LCD.

Panasonic DVD-LS82Panasonic DVD-LS82
Ready for that much-awaited summer vacation? Don’t forget to bring your Panasonic DVD-LS82! It can give you up to 12 hours of continuous playtime and is the perfect companion on a long trip. Its compact size and flexible hinges work really great in confined spaces so you can still enjoy your videos and cool tunes even if you have to share that ride with irate passengers who, just like you, are starting to smell like road kill because the car aircon chose to break down at noon. Now all you need are a few pee bags and you’re all set. Heck, you don’t even have to leave your seat when you pull over at rest stops...

Panasonic DMR-EZ27KPanasonic DMR-EZ27K
If you feel your life isn’t complete without your daily dose of TV soap, then there’s something fundamentally wrong with you. And if you’re afraid to see a shrink, then at least be brave enough to go to the appliance store to get the Panasonic DMR-EZ27K (you pathetic little wuss)! Now, you can record your favorite TV drama series while you’re watching another show. You never ever have to worry again about missing an episode of those tearjerkers that have become the bane of prime-time television. Just remember that you can also create a slide show of your craziest and most memorable photos in high quality image with the EZ27K.

Sony RDR-HX910Sony RDR-HX910
So you’ve decided to become the next Steven Spielberg. But even your own mother tells everyone you do not have the talent. Then you definitely need the Sony RDR-HX910! Its Intelligent Scene Chaptering not only makes video editing easier, it can compensate for your lack of vision and creativity! The RDR- HX910 lets you play a video and record a different program simultaneously! Hey, if 10 hours of recording time in one DVD isn’t enough for you, you still have the 250GB hard disk drive, which can store videos and your favorite music. The Sony RDR-HX910’s outstanding hi-definition performance is guaranteed to silence even your harshest critics.

Sony DVP-NS77HSony DVP-NS77H
Sony means serious business when it comes to video and audio quality. No wonder the Sony DVP-NS77H can up-convert your ordinary DVD to one that has a superior hi-definition video and superb audio. (That means Superman would look better in red than he did in that bleeding pink cape in your old Betamax!) Sony detects image changes at pixel level, staying faithful to the source. Its coaxial and optical audio outputs ensure clearer signal transmission to your sound system.

Print ed: 04/08


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