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Online Game Invasion

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ZX Online

The latest Chinese MMORPG invades RP with its award-winning combo of fantasy, romance, and warfare.

In Chinese, zhu means to kill or execute,while xian refers to a Taoist super being or an immortal.

And in Zhu Xian, a new massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), powerful beings are aplenty. Plus, you’re sure to get a healthy dose of mayhem.

The game is based on the Internet fantasy novel Zhu Xian written by Xiao Ding. As expected, it is filled with Chinese landscapes and sceneries. It also has the classic good versus evil theme and even a love triangle between the main characters to spice things up.

IP e-Games Ventures Inc., the online gaming subsidiary of IPVG Corp, teamed up with China-based online game operator and developer Perfect World Co. Ltd to launch “ZX Online: Journey to Immortality” in the Philippines.

Game Features
ZX Online boasts a full 3D pathing system, which allows players to simply click on a location on their map. Characters are then automatically transported to the chosen location, thus, avoiding obstacles along the way. Your chosen character also gets to fly aboard a sword. (In Chinese martial arts mythology, this is a sign of a powerful warrior.)

Aside from the individual skills of the characters, players could also get help from pets to complete a given task. These pets, which could grow and learn new skills, leave jade talismans when they die. The amulets they leave behind bring luck to the pet owners. But a player could also opt to create his own good-luck piece and combine it with others to create a much more potent one.

For faster travel, mounts—like a unicorn, a phoenix, and even a dragon—are also available. What’s interesting is two players can ride one animal, provided they are a couple.

There are missions and quests designed for couples, families (groups of 15), or clans (two guilds of five families). The five clans are Heaven Sound Temple, Bounding Bliss School, Azure Cloud School, Ghost King Sect, and Ghost Witchery.

One look at the game and you’ll know the designers spent a lot of hours putting it together. Players, for one thing, do not have to worry about getting lost. (The characters pop out, whether in dark or brightly lit locations, thanks in part to their distinct costumes.) It’s not your typical hack and slash adventure game; you have to decide wisely when and where to use earned points for an upgrade.

ZX Online GirlsGirl-approved
Video and online games traditionally have a larger male fan base, but IP e-Games and Perfect World made sure ZX Online would also endear itself to female gamers. To do that, the developers included two female lead characters, and a storyline that allows for social interaction, character customization, and cooperative game play. Based on the developers’ research, these are the elements girls find most appealing in an online game.

ZX Online has done well in China where it originated. In 2007 and 2008, it received the Jin Ling Awards—the Oscars of the Chinese game industry—for being one of the top 10 favorite online games in the mainland.

Its launch in RP is ZX Online’s first English deployment. Closed beta testing was in November 2008, while the open beta testing is set for the first quarter of 2009.

Hardware Specs
Minimum hardware requirements for Windows XP/2000 users: Intel Celeron 1 GHz CPU, 128-MB RAM, 2-GB Hard Drive, 32-MB graphics card, and DirectX 8.1 or higher. For PCs running on Windows Vista, the minimum requirements are Intel Pentium 4.3-GHz CPU, 1-GB RAM, 2-GB Hard Drive, 32-MB graphics card, and DirectX 8.1 or higher.

IP e-Games is also the distributor of RAN Online, Cabal Online, O2Jam, Audition, Supreme Destiny, and Granado Espada. Perfect World Co. Ltd’s portfolio of online games, meanwhile, include MMORPGs such as Perfect World I and II, Legend of Martial Arts, Chi Bi, Pocketpet Journey West, and an online casual game named Hot Dance Party. It’s been licensing games to a number of game operators in Asia, Europe, and South America.

For more information, visit www.zxonline.com.ph

Print ed: 03/09


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