One Million Lights Philippines & Energizer Philippines Kick-off: Solar Powered Lamps Distribution

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One Million Lights

One Million Lights

One Million Lights

More than 1.6 billion people worldwide lack access to electricity and Energizer is helping to raise awareness for this important issue. It’s the first global activity of Energizer’s new platform called That’s Positivenergy™, which combines performance plus responsibility and demonstrates Energizer’s long-standing commitment to responsible power and serving the community.

Energizer raises awareness for the need for clean and healthy lighting in communities without access to electricity. Working with the global nonprofit One Million Lights, Energizer donated 11 million hours of solar light in 2011 and has pledged to donate an additional 12 million hours of light in 2012 to help rural families work, study and play a little longer each day.

Energizer and One Million Lights have chosen the Philippines as one of the 4 country recipients of these Energizer solar-powered lights, together with Argentina, Kenya and Ethiopia.


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