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No Country for Crooked Men

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VIP Limo

A vigorous one-two punch of “Walang wang wang” (No more Sirens) and “Kayo ang Boss ko” (You are my Boss) declarations by the unassuming, underestimated President Noynoy served as his symbolic kick off that set the tone for his six-year term as Chief Executive.

His straightforward words, uncharacteristic of such a formal event, were an assurance that he is one of us. That feels our pain, frustration and despair as well as our simple joys, replacing our cynicism with trust. They were meaningful bullet points that resonate rather than motherhood statements that discombobulate.

Simplicity and humility are now in vogue as our new president stops at red lights and travels without sirens sending a loud and clear message that resonates with Fil- ipinos mired in poverty and hunger amidst ostentation and the lavish meals enjoyed by our elite leaders.

With his actions, President Noynoy reminds gov- ernment officials and employees that they are not elect- ed nor hired to be our lords and masters but to be true public servants. That they are in government not to strut, swagger, and lord it over their constituents but to serve and inspire them to also serve the country and move it forward. People power in action is power transferred from entitled rulers to constituents as stakeholders.

True democracy is rechanneling money from the corrupt pockets of a bossy few to be used for the benefit of all Filipinos who are their true bosses. Quiet, mean- ingful action speaks louder than flowery empty words.

For this redirection to succeed, getting the right people with integrity is crucial so as not to lose mo- mentum.

The key factor in hiring, whether in a private enter- prise or for government, is the MOTIVE of job appli- cants. This will spell success or failure. If an applicant’s mindset is to see what he can get out of an employer in terms of pay, perks, and privileges, then failure is inevi- table. But if driven by a passion to contribute to a long- term organizational vision and to be rewarded based on merit, then things will fall into place.

If a leader gains the trust of his followers, they will follow. And if all act together as one, they can do great things. If Filipinos trust their leaders, then so will the global investing community that is closely watching how a leader moves.

The Philippines may at long last realize its potential if the cancer of corruption is beaten into remission.

If leaders remain steadfast in the new vision of “No Corruption, No Poverty,” this could just be the game changer wand turning point for the nation to turn the tide and arrest our downward spiral. We may finally be able to snap out of limbo and start catching up with our regional neighbors. There may never be a better time to invest talents and resources in the Philippines than now.

Print ed: 09/10


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