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Have You Ever Seen US$400 Million?

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What a South Korean builder is doing in Clark, Pampanga

Donggwang, one of South Korea’s largest developers, is venturing into an ambitious project that will change the Philippine tourism horizon and redefine its leisure business. The first installment: a state of the art golf clubhouse in a 304-hectare estate right in the heart of the Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga.

The 200-million-peso project is but a tiny fraction of a US$400-million investment that the firm will pour into the former US air base. The goal is to build a world class, state of the art tourism estate.

Called the Clark Sunvalley Country Club, the project consists of the following: a 36-hole golf course, a clubhouse, a 330-room condominium, a water park, spa, and gymnasium, eco park, business center, international school, golf academy and driving range, medical clinic and drug store, five-star hotel, casino, a 500-unit villa, and a shopping arcade. Donggwang Clark Corporation, the Philippine subsidiary of Donggwang Construction in Korea, expects to complete the project by 2016.

It is the group’s biggest project so far, and it is in the Philippines.

Already open for business is Donggwang’s Clark ODE County Officetel located within the development. A 10-story office and residential building worth US$30 million, it also has a shopping mall, business center, swimming pool, and spa. Its office and residential units are equipped with home automation, a centralized gas system, 169 CCTV cameras, free parking lots, and a security service that operates 24/7.

Leisure redefined
Built in 1985, Donggwang has survived economic crises at home and abroad. It is a living testimony to its business philosophy, which is expressed in the company logo. The first Korean consonant “ㄷ” represented by the outer circle with an opening on the right side, which covers the Chinese character “人” meaning human, depicts Donggwang’s reason for existence: to build environment-friendly homes where people feel secure.

“Based on our technical prowess, spirit of challenge, and fine workmanship,” Donggwang chairman Lee Shin Kun explains, “we will lead and create an entirely different culture in our various overseas operations including construction and the comprehensive leisure business.”

No longer is leisure only about resting and relaxation, it also has to do with elevating living standards to the highest possible level.

Donggwang’s spirit of excellence has resulted in an outstanding business performance proven by award-winning civil engineering, housing, and general construction projects. It currently operates Sorak Sunvalley Country Club, Dongwon Sunvalley, Iljuk Sunvalley, and Yeoju Spa in Korea, as well as Yabe Sunvalley and Higo Sunvalley in Japan.

The company desires to grow together with society. In Korea, its projects include an educational establishment that bears its name and the House Repair for Men of National Merit, which repairs the houses of military veterans and patriots free of charge.

Clark Freeport Zone, along with its modern infrastructure, offers generous fiscal and non-fiscal incentives, professional support services, amenities, and other advantages that make it an ideal place for foreign investments.

Clark Development Corp. will transform the 4,400-hectare zone and 27,600-hectare sub-zone into an airport-driven urban center, perfect for high-end IT-enabled industries, aviation- and logistics-related enterprises, as well as for tourism and other sectors.

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Print ed: 04/12


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