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Men’s tastes will always differ. But every man will agree that they like three things: their taste in cars, their fashion sense, and gadgets.

Men and gadgets, two words that will never part. As women have a great love for bags and shoes, men fall head over heels in love with computers, cameras, mobile phones, etc. There is something about gadgets that brings out a childlike wonder in even the most mature, levelheaded man. Go ahead, update yourself.

Stream Line Array Speaker Professional Audio
Despite the awkwardly long name, the new Stream Line Array Speaker (SPS208P) is actually quite nifty, combining signal processing, high-power amplifier output, and other advanced technologies in a single device. Its optimum combination configuration has the best effect for small and medium activities, indoor and outdoor. The speaker’s SPS Series Active Line Array is equipped with power supply cables, hanger, hook, all kinds of connectors, and flight cases.

Maduro Watch
This stainless steel watch (1003-0095-222) is part of the higher-end range of the Maduro collection. The watch is rather thick and uses a simple, clean dial. It has a stainless steel crown, back cover, and buckle adorned with decorative elements. This 5 ATM watch is famous for its structural durability. It has a genuine leather strap and can include up to three-color logo printing. Like all signature watches, this Maduro watch comes with a 19×19×8cm gift box with elastic holder and extra straps. Minimum order is 25 pieces at US$40 per piece.

Tody’s Waterproof Camera
This camera (DSC-800W) has everything we want in a digital waterproof camera. It is armed with a 6-megapixel CCD sensor that can go underwater up to a depth of 45m. Its 2” color TFT LCD can optically stabilize up to a 5x digital zoom. It has a 32MB built-in memory and SD card slot that supports up to a 2GB card, which can carry audio and video recordings, perfect for those once-in-a-lifetime underwater experiences. Tody’s new camera is also shockproof and can survive extreme temperatures.

Ningbo Joanwin Solar Charger
Because different solar chargers are made for various device types, finding the right solar power charger can be quite confusing. That is why Ningbo Joanwin has made a solar charger for multiple devices, like mobile phones, MP3 and MP4 players. What’s good about it is you can fold it into a small size, as slim as a wallet. It is available in different colors.

Top Choice Top Gun Speaker
Top Choice presents a modern twist in playing music with the new Top Gun Speaker. It comes in colors of purple, black, silver, and blue is compatible with iPhone and all MP3 players. It is encased in porcelain for a funky yet functional design.

GNB Portable DVD player
Known for their sleek design, GND Sourcing Company came up with the new 9-inch portable DVD player with analogue TV (LD-988D), offering vivid LED colors and fast response time. This 245×180×35mm player has a large-volume battery and is compatible with CD, VCD, DVD, MP3, JPEG, MPEG, and DIVX formats. It also supports an SD/ MMC card reader and USB cable. The analogue TV can get up to 255 full channels. Unit price is US$71.50.

Print ed: 06/11


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