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Who Wants to Be Leader of the Free World?

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Who wants to lead a free- wheeling world that is undergoing a 180-degree change?

Norms, alliances, interdependencies, and boundaries either accelerate or disappear from one day to the next.

The top contender in the race to the White House and the current leadership of the free-wheeling world are a study in contrasts in terms of class, ethnicity, upbringing, training, and skills.

The bottom line for voters: Who is the right person to lead America and the free world in this time of great paradigmic tremors and aftershocks in America’s road to recovery, the EU economic crisis, growing Chinese influence, rising Asian geopolitical tensions amid territorial disputes, lingering Middle East conflicts, predictable global warming that triggers unpredictable climate change, disruptive tectonic (tech-tonic?) shifts in technology that changes individuals, households, workplaces, and whole governments?

To the winner who will eventually sit in the Oval Office, may the force be with you and may you fullfill the expectations of billions of stakeholders.

Print ed: 11/12


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