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Singaporean author and Forex mentor Mario Singh likes going deep with the people he meets. Here is what his own depth is like

He is gregarious, chummy, and a bit off-kilter. All these qualities come to a boil and burst from Mario Singh’s reserved demeanor when discussing his passion, which is forex trading.

“Forex is essentially global finance,” he reverently proclaims at the beginning of his one-on-one interview with China Business.

At the moment, Mario (he insists on his first name rather than ‘Mr Singh’) is enjoying the afterglow familiar to writers whose debut books enjoy some success. Considering he has only been in the forex or FX game—and he insists it is a game—for six years, he already managed scribbling his own how-to volume titled 17 Proven Currency Trading Strategies (Wiley, 2013).

A self-described “brilliant and intense communicator,” Mario lives to embody these qualities with his engaging speaking style and penchant for going deep when it comes to the pursuit of knowledge. An example: “One key thing, bro,” he says about his success, “is the word ‘mentorship.’”

Indeed, Mario attributes his forex career to fellow forex sages Ed Ponsi and Kathy Lien, who taught him the ropes.

In his book, Mario shares how discovered forex trading by accident after a less than sterling period as a third- honors-ranked job seeker in Singapore. It took a chance encounter and intensive self-study plus trial and error. During his first bout of trading, Mario admits, he lost his meager start-up capital to poor decisions and inexperience.

The website for Mario’s FX1 Academy (, where he mentors people on putting their skin in the forex game, confirms his beginnings. “Mario first started on forex trading when he bumped into a friend who was trading from his laptop in a coffee shop,” the About Us page reads.

Mario also has his own website,, that serves as a platform for personal insight and myriad engagements with the media, ranging from frequent guestings on business news outlets to a veritable flood of columns in several newspapers.

Insider’s View
But why is forex so appealing? How come a loosely connected market that favors several currencies ( puts it at eight) is drawing players from around the globe?

What happens when so much cheap money printed by central banks is transacted by everyone?

The point is that forex remains the biggest not-so-strictly regulated laissez- faire exchange available online. Forex is so welcoming, it comes as no surprise that its worth is pegged at US$ 3 trillion dollars in 2012. This year, its trading volume could break US$ 5 trillion.

Perusing dozens of forex websites reveals its most attractive qualities. The market never sleeps. Its moves are transparent. You can get in with just a little money. Trends are predictable. Money is assured given enough dedication and know-how. Traders frequently exchange notes in active discussion boards.

The long and short of forex is anyone can participate. Having earned his pile in forex, Mario, whose skin in the game is his greatest signaler for credibility (he possesses an unused degree in chemical engineering), is the guy who helps people dive in to make their own money.

Short of a personal appointment that could last hours, the full Mario Singh experience begins with free articles on his website. Then the eager student may sign up for his newsletter. A paid subscription is available too, as well as thrice-weekly webinars and frequent live sessions. “I go deep with everyone I meet, “ he says.

Mario’s popularity allows him to rub elbows and consult with the lords of finance. “From retail investors to investment bankers,” he says.

“Later I’ll be in the [Philippine] central bank, the BSP, which is nice because they know a little of my influence,” he mentions with a smile. This appointment is only hours before his flight back to Singapore with his assistant.

Mario believes forex is and always will be a game. He even tailored an appropriate quasi-philosophy for it.

According to Mario, Forex has three rules.

“You must make money in the game,” he says.

“The game has rules.”

“Playing it must be fun.”

These three rules, being the tao of forex, are accompanied by three stages of personal growth mandated by his FX1 Academy. Beginner. Intermediate. Advanced.

“Beginners are always interested in strategies,” Mario explains. “Intermediate is interested in money management,” he continues. “An advanced forex trader is concerned with state of mind,” he concludes.

He then shares this bit of wisdom from Jesse Livermore, the bootstrapping American speculator and Great Depression-era suicide case whose life was mythologized in the immortal volume Reminisces of A Stock Operator. “The financial markets will remain the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow,” Mario says. “Simply because of the four basic human characteristics of fear, hope, greed, and ignorance.”

“My mentors taught me to read the market and to decode the numbers,” Mario adds. “I can go to any country and understand what’s going on and make a forecast of what would happen.”

Thanks to his strong sense of salesmanship, Mario is such a stimulating conversationalist, it provokes a reaction from this reporter, much to his editor’s embarrassment.

“I want your ability,” the reporter says.

Mario pauses, and mockingly adopts the mien of maverick Jedi master Qui-Gon Jinn. “You will have it, Obi-Wan Kenobi!”

Print ed: 06/13


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