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Debut by Juan Carlo: The School Project Which Is Making It Big

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Renowned Juan Carlo The Caterer is a state-of-the-art, highly professional corporate entity respected and loved by its thousands of clients including some of our most famous celebrities. But did you know that one of its current successful flagship divisions is borne out of its Marketing Director’s school project?

Of course, that school project was by no other than Juan Carlo himself, the namesake of the company. True! Juan Carlo, still in his 3rd year in La Salle as a double major student taking up Behavioral Science and Marketing, is one of the stalwarts of the aggressive Marketing Department of the company chosen for some of the most celebrated weddings and debuts in Philippines’ Tinseltown. Juan Carlo aptly juggles his projects and exams with marketing reports from his department, and oral defences in school with marketing presentations at the Conference Room of their company. How does he do it? He grabs every opportunity to tailor make his school projects to be applicable to his pet project, Debut by Juan Carlo.

It all started when he had to come up with a business proposal for his Marketing Advertising subject. It has been a while that he observes some of his female classmates preparing for their debut. He was already toying on the idea of a division of their company concentrating on this event. He realized that from a single successful debut, they can actually create a community of debutantes—from the barkadas and relatives of the satisfied celebrator. Thus, when they were assigned a marketing study, he saw this as an opportunity to put it into paper. When Abs-Cbn’s Julia Montes chose them as her caterer for her debut, he construed this as a sign, and an opportunity to put it into action. Thus, Debut by Juan Carlo was conceived, with no less than Julia Montes as its endorser. After all, who is better to endorse a product/service than an actual satisfied client, and a celebrity at that!

As if having Julia as the endorser wasn’t enough, the young Marketing Director has an ongoing P 850k dream debut online promo for upcoming debutantes! “This is in line with our direction of ‘making your dream debut come true, a dream debut like Julia’s’” explains Juan Carlo. Through the promo, ongoing until February, an upcoming debutante can win a whopping P 850k worth of debut package, truly a dream debut fit for the celebrities! All upcoming debutantes have to do is sign up online at www.facebook.com/debutbyjuancarlo. There will be 18 finalists who will win special prizes, and from the 18, one will be hailed as the grand winner!

We chatted with Juan Carlo Del Rosario himself, brains of this innovative project. Juan Carlo seemed unassuming at first. But when he started talking about his projects and plans, the seemingly soft spoken guy turns into a marketing pro, who enthusiastically talks about his business, just like his dad, Alex del Rosario, the prime mover of Juan Carlo The Caterer.


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