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Aging Gracefully

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Whenever I see old people, what comes to mind is inevitability. This is where we are all headed—if we are fortunate enough. But the problem is things slowly fall apart. Your vision becomes blurry, hearing becomes impaired, your memory lapses, strength diminishes, and you become slower all around.

A long, quality life is more valuable than stored riches. So instead of being in the rat race to win the trophy of material wealth, it is better to attain longevity.

Life is better lived as a marathon rather than a sprint. Better a long, fruitful life well lived than a life cut short by accident or mishap. Life is a numbers game where more is more.

How to age gracefully? It is the art of balance and temperance.
1. Eat right. Eat to live, don’t live to eat.

2. Exercise to keep the motor running.

3. Get a regular checkup. It is your body’s balance sheet. It will update you on your physical well-being so you can spot problems, which you can correct while in their early stages.

4. Love. It will inspire you to become a better person.

5. Learn new things to keep your mind alert.

6. Meditate and pray. It will keep your soul aright.

7. Embrace life, when both good and bad happen. Give it your best shot so you can make a difference. You have nothing to lose, especially in the latter stages of your life.

Rather than denying old age—and going out kicking and screaming— accept it graciously. Wrinkles, aches, lapses, and all. These are, after all, marks of a life well spent.

Print ed: 10/13


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