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Creative Strategies for Quality Recruitment

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A core focus of the organization is to ensure continued performance by its talent pool or its employee workforce. This requires a continuous awareness of the four essential phases: a) selection, b) training and development, c) performance management, and d) talent retention.

Without a clear understanding of the dynamics of each phase, the hiring process may become a routine waste of time and effort, and the company may end up continuously replacing employees who leave.

To be more cost/benefit-driven, it is necessary to focus on the first phase, which is selection or recruitment; specifically how to be more effective in the “quality” recruitment of applicants.

Professional HR practitioners realize that conventional recruitment practices do not provide the quality of applicants they require. Below are some creative interventions for better-quality recruitment.

1. Consider previous applicants (Active File). They may not have qualified earlier but, because they were already interviewed, the recruiter has an idea of the actual face-to-face experience.

Instead of simply labeling their papers “For Filing,” be more proactive by using labels such as For Future Reference, For Comparison— Revisit In 6 Months. Additionally, the applicant may have acquired additional skills or experience after the last interview, so it would be interesting to request them to constantly update their file/ profile so you can keep them in active- file status.

Doing this ensures that you would never run out of a database of potential applicants that continue to enhance their qualifications.

2. Participate in events instead of job fairs. Almost weekly, a job fair is announced. Schools, private organizers, and associations have made it their regular event. During the event itself, various employer representatives would interview hoards of applicants.

Although this opens opportunities for those looking for work, more often the exercise ends up as a series of quick interviews or mere database-building. Likewise, applicants themselves admit that their objective is to be interviewed as many times as possible. Somehow, the focus on quality is set aside and quantity is given more emphasis.

Instead of joining the melee, look for quality applicants instead at relevant sessions such as conventions, conferences, or various events.

Why? Because when offices send their people to attend conventions, participants get to meet and interact with others and this reveals things like confidence, energy, maybe even work ethic.

Likewise, for a headhunter looking for quality applicants, being in a table with other delegates is useful for engaging identified potentials.

3. Visit unlikely places. It is worth considering a visit to places where applicants that fit a certain profile or behavior would be present.

Examples of these are museums or galleries (if you are looking for someone imaginative or creative), restaurants (service-driven individuals who can gracefully withstand pressure), retail stores (store personnel with a sense of organization and an attractive personality).

4. Use non-traditional intervention. Referrals of existing colleagues, for instance, would anchor the existing employee to the process. This employee would then take initiative in managing the applicant screening process.

Another approach is to guest on radio or television programs and use the opportunity to plug your requirements for talent or announce a talent search. Attending homecoming reunions also gives a rich listing of potentials.

5. Use social networking. Facebook, LinkedIn, and even YouTube are useful recruitment tools. Imagine accessing these various social networking channels to get additional information on potential applicants. These sites can also assist you in verifying the information written down by applicants. And since statuses here are updated regularly, a deeper profiling is possible.

Print ed: 11/13


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