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Barack of our Salvation

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America has become a tale of two cities. It is dim, falling into a deep financial hole after an orgy of deregulated excess, still trying to spot a hint of light at the end of the dark tunnel. America also shines bright after its citizens boldly elected Barack Obama. The new president’s informed and participatory leadership may just be what the doctor ordered amid deepening recession.


President Obama has the qualities that can lead the US—and the rest of the world—out of financial limbo: Cool, calm, collected, confident, charismatic, compassionate, connected, and collaborative. An intellectual who embraces the ideals of the techno-savvy youth, feels the needs of the hopeful marginalized minorities, and understands the complexities of manic-depressive markets as well as the ways of the pragmatic elite.


When we see President Obama, we see a touch of ourselves in him. Being of mixed race, coupled with an extraordinary upbringing in multiple environments, Obama is someone we can identify with. In a nutshell: He is reachable.


Now is the time for businessmen and investors to second guess Obama’s policies, visualize scenarios, and formulate a plan around those scenarios.


If Obama succeeds in turning the US economy around, his management style will become a legendary case study for all leaders to emulate. Voters the world over will, henceforth, measure their leaders against the Obama standard and will vote according to Obama metrics.


Foremost in our minds is the question “Will Obama save us from impending disaster?”


It’s too early to pass judgment, but if he runs his government the way he ran his campaign, we have lots of reason to be hopeful.

Print ed: 01/09


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