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Haven By the Bay

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One hundred twenty-seven Asian-themed cond-townhouses fronting Manila Bayand they're specifically designed to answer the needs of Chinese expats.
[Photo of Townhouse]

That’s Legacy Ventures’ new project, called Sentosia, which targets expats and businessmen. The 1.7-hectare horizontal development is located along Macapagal Avenue.

“We are geared more towards expatriates or foreigners who want to invest or retire in the Philippines,” Legacy Ventures president Carlos Wilfredo B. Pineda said, explaining the concept of the company’s maiden project.

Asked whether they thought a time-share concept would have appealed to their target market, Pineda said the company believed that their buyers preferred “a real investment for them to get into — ownership of property in the Philippines.” Pineda admitted that their target market is mostly expats, and mostly Chinese.

He added that the company is “committed to provide security to our clientèle. Sentosia has a very high perimeter wall and 24-hour security is also provided.”

Legacy Ventures chose the site for its proximity to the domestic and international airports, being convenient for homeowners who frequently travel in and out of the country.

Green Element

[Photo of Bedroom]The development also factors in the green element, especially since Sentosia is right alongside Manila Bay.

“Sentosia has its own sewage treatment plant, which is located at the back of the clubhouse. This was approved by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources prior to the construction of the project,” Pineda said.

“The treatment plant will treat all wastewater from residents of Sentosia. The treated water will be used for watering plants and cleaning roads,” he explained.

“Sentosia has its own water supply from Maynilad. Each unit has a cistern tank with a capacity of 750 gallons of water,” sufficient supply for any resident according to Pineda.

After Sentosia

Following on the heels of their first development, Legacy Ventures is working on completing four midrise towers with 15 floors each. The vertical development, located right across Sentosia, will cost 7,500 per square foot and have commercial spaces at the podium level.

Pineda said Legacy Ventures is set on expanding its market to a wider range of buyers. “We have a financing scheme accredited by various commercial banks. Our developments become flexible with the individual’s financial capacity. Thus, we are growing our market in the process,” he concluded.

print ed: 11/07


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