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LeBron Apps for Bu$ine$$ $UCCE$$

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As the 2013 playoffs unfolds to a seemingly foregone conclusion of a Miami Heat repeat, let us peer into the mindset of LeBron James.

He whose otherworldly video- game-like performances give the Filipino-coached Miami Heat an ironclad grip on the championship ring for, perhaps, the next decade. How do we apply that to our own pursuits?

You Complete Me
Unlike other superstars who are exceptional in one or two aspects of the game but lag in other fields, LeBron masters it all. Name it, he does it perfectly—

SCORE on both high-percentage field goal from inside and beyond the three-point arc, whether open or in the zone,

ASSIST by knowing when to pass to his teammates who are open and in a higher percentage position,

REBOUND offensively for another attempt or defensively to deny opponents theirs,

DEFEND to deny opponents their chance, one step at a time.

By being a compleat player, LeBron completes his team—and his fans.

LeBron then adds more to his repertoire as he—

INSPIRES his teammates by example through his work ethic. He outworks everyone and plays hard (even when he cramps) to show others not to give up the fight when they’re down.

LEARNS new things on and off the court even when he is already the best and arguably the greatest of all time.

BONDS with his team by poking good-natured fun or partying after winning.

By being fun and friendly, LeBron attracts talent, as good players gravitate toward him, wanting to play with him.

MAXIMIZES opportunities, always. LeBron has an uncanny gift for maximizing the situation during the 48 minutes of game time and beyond, whether events are going his way or not.

LeBron Apps
We can run our business the LeBron way by applying his values in our own field of passion and expertise. We can be the LeBron of business, of investing, of design, of engineering, of public service.

Like LeBron, we can—

SCORE by generating sales orders, selling the right products the right way at the right time,

ASSIST by helping out our sales team close deals or share winning secrets,

REBOUND from mishaps and failures by getting back up on our feet,

DEFEND our market share from being encroached on by competitors by giving unrivaled customer satisfaction,

INSPIRE by walking the talk, working our butt off, and staying the course with a never-say-die attitude— even when things look bleak,

LEARN to improve continuously, even during banner years,

BOND with our teammates away from work as a perfect way to relax and recharge,

MAXIMIZE business situations, both good and bad. Problems are a way to innovate. Setbacks are to be learned from. Failures are character- building drills. Crises can be scoring opportunities, convertible into game winners.

And successes can be made into intracompany case studies and protocol, which deserve encore repeat performances. Just like the invincible Heat.

Print ed: 06/13


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