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7 Qualities of an Excellent Salesperson

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AN OPTOMETRIST WAS instructing a new employee on how to charge a customer. "As you are fitting his glasses, if he ask how much they cost, you say Php4,500."

If his eyes don't flutter, say, "For the frames. The lenses will be Php3,500."

If his eyes still don't flutter you add "Each."

That is not a customer service. That is a ripoff, and no way to make a sale.

"Hi, how are you doing? Do you need any help? Well, if you do, just call me. I'll be around."

These are the same words I hear from salespeople every time I enter a shop or a boutique in America. They give alot of emphasis on customer service.

Business know that the only element that maintains a business and carries with it the possibility for growth is not the brilliance of the finance people, not the charisma of their CEO, and it's not even the products and services they churn out each day. The only element for business survival and growth is to create satisfies and loyal customers.

What does it take to be an excellent salesperson?

Here is a list of things that make an excellent salesperson. As customers, we long to see this in our service providers no matter what industry they belong to.

You will be amazed that all the salespeople we admire exhibit most of the following qualities. And you can use this laundry list as a way to hire excellent salespeople--or as a way to improve your own skills.

1. An excellent salesperson is a sight for sore eyes. Excellent salespeople create good first impressions. They are genuine, pleasant, and easy to talk to. And they take care of how they look. the best salespeople have a neat and well groomed look about them. Their clothes and accessories may not be extremely expensive but they must be appropriate for the occasion. Here's a tip: Their shoes are always a good indicator. Not too new, but freshly shined is what you want to see. An excellent salesperson knows that he never gets a second chance to create a first impression.

2. An excellent salesperson loves to be with people. One indication you see is that excellent salespeople need to be liked. They want to please their customers and prospects. They go the extra mile, learn customers' preferences, and work to educate their customers and keep them informed.

3. An excellent salesperson is a good listener. One thin I noticed with excellent salespeople is that they gently probe with questions, carefully listening to what their prospects say. And then the brilliant thing is that they do not sell but lead their customers to buy. They are patient with prospects, not pushy. They understand the most important key to successful selling: The sale today is not as important as the relationship tomorrow.

4. An excellent salesperson behaves professionally. I always admire salespeople who do not badmouth their competitors. They will always point to the product pluses and advantages they offer but they will not verbally tear down others. Another thing is that excellent salespeople leave their problems at home. Everybody has problems (health, family, financial, personal) but excellent salespeople never bring these problems to work with them, allowing problems to affect their work attitude.

5. An excellent salesperson is an expert with his product or services. Great salespeople know their product inside and out. They are fanatical about details. They embrace nonstop learning. They embrace nonstop learning. They can answer even the most complicated questions from customers without having to refer them to someone else in the company. you will never see a great salesperson who is sloppy and careless.

6. An excellent salesperson is driven to succeed. There are two important qualities excellent salespeople exhibit, their creativity and assertiveness. They are energetic , have a very strong work ethic, and you see them putting in more hours than their coworkers because they are extremely competitive. They do not compete against others but against themselves. Learning more, doing more, and producing more.

7. An excellent salesperson has a service mentality. One thing that distinguishes great salespeople is they are able to step outside themselves and see things from the customer's point of view. they do not focus on their benefits or commissions but on meeting all the customer's needs.

There is a great difference between average salespeople and those who are excellent. Excellent salespeople never stop improving themselves. They always strive to be better. They read books they listen to tapes, they attend non-company-sponsored seminars, and they read columns just like this one.(I'm serious!)

Above all, they are good servants because they exhibit what the Scriptures say. You know, the part about doing unto others what you want others to do unto you.

So, happy selling!

Print ed: 07/14


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