Medical City Cath Lab gets another Artis zee

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There is a reason why the Cardiac and Vascular Catheterization Laboratory at The Medical City, Ortigas—or TMC Cath Lab for short—is envied.

With a reputation to uphold as the leading cardiovascular operating theater among private hospitals, TMC's Cath Lab just made a Php44 million investment on a second remote controlled Artis zee interventional imaging system.

Artis zee is a bestselling angiographic device among hospitals around the world. Manufactured by German technology giant Siemens, the TMC Cath Lab's second Artis Zee features a new software package for high resolution mapping of the cardiovascular system and other organs for delicate operations.

Having another state of the art Artis zee at the TMC Cath Lab means doubling their capacity to help patients. This is essential when coronary and cardiovascular ailments today are more common due to Westernized diets and lack of exercise among younger age groups.

“Having two machines, we can have simultaneous emergency procedures without interrupting the scheduled ones,” explains cardiologist and electrophysiologist Dr Luigi Pierre Segundo.

The TMC Cath Lab also sets itself apart with its proven transradial catheterization, or the method of inserting catheters via the wrist rather than the groin. According to cardiologist Dr Michelangelo Sabas this method is better for the patient's recovery.“Especially if they have chronic back pain or find lying flat difficult,” he says.

With its enhanced facilities and programs, the medical team provides faster procedures that are more accessible to the general public and affordable on an out-patient basis.


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