Ang Li in concert: the pianist, not the director

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She might not be super famous, but she's a force of nature onstage.

The vivacious female pianist Ang Li is also a bit of an enigma.

Barely 29-years-old, the legend (read:press release) goes that by age four she was already tickling the ivories.

Born in 1985, this means she began formally training as a pianist at age four while students were fighting and dying in Tiananmen Square.

Li's place of birth has never been revealed and her parents involvement in her long transformation into a virtuoso is vastly understated. At least she admits mother and father were a musical couple and as a child she liked to accompany them on piano when they sang.

The Li family had the means and connections to enroll their daughter in Juilliard, which maintains a long-term program for hosting Chinese students.

By the time she was in her teens, her homeland was enjoying its golden decade of historic GDP growth.

Li currently ranks among the Top 30 pianists in the world. She has concerts in Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, and the Lincoln Center under her belt as well as shows in many world capitals.

Among Li's accomplishments is performing with symphony orchestras across five continents. She tours North America, Europe, and Asia every year and is now returning to the Philippines.

Yes, she's been performing here regularly since 2012.

Li once again took the CCP by storm on August 31, albeit with style, and is holding court with the Piano Teacher's Guild of the Philippines at UST this month.

Since 2013, Li has been sponsored by Steinway and Sons, whose pianos she admires for being “extraordinary” and “memorable.” This is coming from a mistress of the art who practices at least three hours a day. Everyday.

The girl sure likes her Steinways.


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