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4 Hot Franchise Opportunities

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This year’s Entrepreneur and Franchise Expo was a goldmine. More than 100 businesses flockedto SM Megamall’s spacious Megatrade Hall, attracting dreamy would-be business owners looking for an attractive prospect. Almost every possible industry was represented, from food to IT to coffee to travel.

Here is China Business’ selection of potential hits.

Tapa King

The 25-year old brand that made take-out tapa mainstream is still going strong. Having centralized its supply chain, strengthened its core specialty—the triumvir of Tapa King, Queen, and Prince— and expanded its menu, Tapa King is poised for growth.

A Php800,000 franchise fee is all an investor needs to establish their own Tapa King branch and this covers training and consulting. But wait! Additional costs include a Php400,000 security deposit and an Php85,000 “engineering fee.”

This is for a 120 square meter Tapa King and a 5% royalty.

Based on Tapa King Inc.’s own estimate, the return on investment (ROI) can be expected between 18 to 36 months after opening.

More information can be found at tapaking.com.ph/franchising/

Murang Generics Pharmacy

Talk about an under served market. Cheap medicine is big business, which is why Murang Generics Pharmacy is making a bet on locations outside Metro Manila.

Murang Generics have streamlined their franchising for ease-of-business with low costs. The initial fee is just Php250,000 and a 1% royalty is guaranteed for an initial franchising term lasting five years. Capital requirements, however, could reach Php850,000.

But the partner must find a suitable location and have it approved first, with a minimum floor area of 15 square meters.

More information can be found at muranggenericspharmacy.com.ph/ Franchise


One way or another, everyone pays for gas. So why not cash in? Unioil is a growing gas station chain. Before owning a branch, a qualification process and training program needs to be paid for. This costs Php70,000.

The starting capital combined with an investor’s cash bond will set you back Php1 million. Investors have to plow another

Php5 million for materials and start upcosts—Unioil prides itself for being the country’s leading provider of Euro 4 standard fuels.

Unioil requires its franchises to renew their dealership status every five years. Quite the steep investment, but imagine all those motorists cruising with empty tanks.

More information can be found at unioil.com


Nothing beats owning your own hospital. If not a hospital, then a clinic. If not a clinic...

Medicus Philippines, Inc. is a growing health provider in the provinces. With 19 centers spread throughout the country, Medicus is now offering four different franchise packages according to what the investor wants. While its capital requirements are steep, the franchise fee starts as low as Php200,000 for a 40 square meter laboratory outlet.

But this goes higher depending on the size of the laboratory. A 200 square meter tertiary laboratory commands a franchise fee of Php800,000 and additional capital requirements in the Php10 to 15 million range.

Locations need to be found and approved beforehand. Medicus franchise terms last five years.

More information can be found at medicus.com.ph/opportunities.html


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