Jabra unveils new cutting edge headsets

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Ben Samman showing the Jabra PRO 935

Ben Samman (L), managing channel director for APAC at Jabra with Arthur Florentino, assistant web editor for China Business

State-of-the-art technology helps BPOs retain both their employees and their clients' customers.

This was revealed by Jabra Asia Pacific managing director Ben Samman during his recent visit in September to launch the Jabra Biz2300, the 900 series, and the Motion Office. These devices help BPO workers in their jobs with easier communication and ease of use.

In a very stressful environment, not worrying about communication breakdown on both ends or equipment issues can take the load off a BPO worker's shoulders.

"It has the best noise reduction in the market," Samman said of the new headsets.

According to the Jabra director, a study by a third party audio lab concluded that Jabra's noise reduction technology was 30-50% better than their closest competitor.

He reiterated that noise reduction allows clearer recording playback for auditing and lowers operational costs.

"Costs go down - you get shorter call times and receive more calls. Noise reduction also helps companies fit more people in the same space - real estate and utilization goes down. You get less stressed out employees, so attrition goes down and that's cost," Samman explained.

Not only that, the materials used to make the headsets ensure they're clean and sanitary - an important aspect for centers that have agents who share headsets.

The earpieces also use the same noise reduction technology, while its Kevlar cord and 360-degree rotating arm ensures less breakage and downtime.

"Things break. I'll be happy to sell you another headset, but the real important thing here is the downtime. You have an agent who is doing nothing. He's not being productive," he said.

The 30-gram headsets also make it easier to wear for agents and to mass deploy for IT personnel.

"Sometimes, you get people that say that our technology is not possible. I believe (customer) education is key here. And an open mind," he added.

In an e-mail to China Business Philippines, Samman noted, "In such a competitive industry where attrition is high, lower attrition means lower training and recruitment costs, higher employee knowledge that stays in the firm which translates into better customers satisfaction scores, more customers and eventually higher profits."

“We are committed to continuing to support the success of the BPO industry in the Philippines by continuing to innovate, continuing to serve our customers through our nationwide network of distributors and resellers and continuing to do our part to make Filipino hospitality a global phenomenon," the Singapore-based executive ended.


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