Netsuite: Demand for cloud storage up 36% by 2016

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Netsuite Asia VP Reginald Singh (2nd from L), leads the conference as Big Chill chief operating consultant Rusty Lemon (L), Netsuite Worldwide Support VP James Dantow (C), and Coca-cola Foundation president Cecile Alcantara (R) look on

The biggest trend shaking up enterprise storage is 36% of businesses will be in the cloud by 2016.

This was revealed by US software giant Netsuite, whose VP for Asia Reginald Singh hosted a recent press conference at Makati Shangri-La Hotel.

“What drives this is the pressure on organizations to create profitability,” says Singh. “There's always been a focus on managing costs, and what cloud computing does is it gives a real alternative for not having large IT organizations maintaining it (corporate data) and backing it up.”

“From a people and capital perspective, it's a better choice than buying server and storage equipment which depreciate over time," the Netsuite VP added.

Based on Netsuite's forecast, the Philippines is open to adopting the cloud system, as well as other countries like Vietnam. Meanwhile, enterprise resource planning (ERP) cloud usage is up by 37% in China and 28% in India.

Cloud storage is a popular choice for businesses looking to incorporate mobile, analytics and collaboration into their ERP systems that offer real-time data for customer-centric approach while at the same time wanting to get a cost-effective and scalable system to expand their operations.

"Companies are looking for end-to-end software platforms, where they can design their own reports, generate leads, pull up customer information, manage mobile apps, and connect to social networks. Cloud ERPs can do all of that," says Singh.

Big Chill chief operating consultant Rusty Lemon and Coca-cola Foundation president Cecile Alcantara were also on hand to share how cloud storage streamlined and updated their processes.

With cloud storage having arrived in force locally, Netsuite is planning to expand operations in the Philippines.

"We're going to start hiring a lot of people soon," says Netsuite VP for Worldwide Support James Dantow.

According to Dantow, there will be vacancies for ERP experts, software developers, system analysts, and other IT professionals in their Makati office.

"There's no need to move (for employment opportunities) to Singapore anymore. Sorry, Reggie," Dantow jested, referring to Netsuite Asia VP Singh, who is currently based in Singapore.


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