After Acquisition Spree, Dell Rolls Out Software Group

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Matthew Johnston, Dell Software Group managing director for South Asia

The Dell Software Group (DSG) is ready for business.

"We've been in Asia as DSG for a little more than two years, and in the Philippines we've been here for a while as Quest and SonicWall before the Dell acquisition," said Matthew Johnston, DSG managing director for South Asia.

According to Johnston, DSG ranks among the top 15 largest software companies in the world, with 6,000 people globally. A third of its staff are software engineers.

"We're large enough to support multinationals, but small enough to be agile and nimble in product development," the Singapore-based director added.

In line with the company's slow transition from being a hardware provider to a solutions provider, Dell completed its acquisitions of both Quest Software and network security firm SonicWall Inc in mid-2012.

This allowed Dell to grow new businesses despite its financial troubles and the crash of the desktop PC market.

During a press conference at EDSA Shangri-La Johnston unveiled Dell's latest server equipment, the DR6000 deduplication appliance, and the latest version of the company's NetVault Backup.

"We simplify IT Management. We deliver systems management solutions that makes CRMs and other platforms more secure, efficient, and effective," the Australian executive said.

The DR6000 can give and provide data backup storage from nine terabytes, or 9TB, post-RAID (135TB logical) up to 36TB post-RAID (540TB logical).

The NetVault Backup 10 offers a new optimized web-based GUI for IT admins to configure, manage, and monitor the backup system via its backend database.

The two products can either be used together or separately.

"We're unique in the marketplace because we can do these on all levels of the IT infrastructure. We can do it on data storage, we can do it on mobility, we can provide database, and we can provide protection," Johnston said.

Johnston is confident in DSG's suite of access and data management solutions aside from Dell's legacy hardware products.

This gives DSG the opportunity to penetrate not just large companies but SMEs as well.


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