Dell Renews Vows With Microsoft, Intel

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Dell Philippines' Chris Papa (country manager) and Martin Diez (business development manager), Microsoft Philippines director for consumer channels Jerry Bongco, Intel Philippines business development manager Christopher Syling, and Dell South Asia's See Han Foo (server product solutions manager) and Gabriel Rodrigues (enterprise marketing director)

Diez demos the Latitude 7000's detachable LCD which also functions as a standalone tablet

After unveiling its newest consumer and enterprise hardware products, Dell and Microsoft together with Intel celebrated their partnership during Dell Philippines' 15th year anniversary bash at the Makati Shangri-la Hotel recently.

"They're one of the easiest partners to work with across consumer and commercial segments,” said Jerry Bongco, Microsoft Philippines' director for Consumer Channels.

Bongco added, “They're very clear with their plans, so we don't have to second-guess.”

"We try to do joint projects, share common goals. In that manner, we add value to both the Microsoft and the Dell platforms,” Bongco explained.

"With Windows, you're already differentiated. We're trying to create the awareness and demand so our partners can sell," Bongco said when asked why their company is pushing Dell's new tablets, like the Venue 8 7000 — the world's thinnest at just 6mm.

For Dell, the admiration is mutual.

"Dell has been selling just Windows, unlike other OEMs that have Unix. I think Microsoft values that and we see a mutual benefit in working together. Loyalty matters," Dell business development manager Martin Allan Diez said.

Intel, on the other hand, supported the company's newest line of products by powering the hardware OEM's machines with their whole line of i3 to i7 core processors.

So, what more is there to expect of Dell after being in the Philippines for 15 years?

According to Diez, new Intel-based hardware are priorities. Dell's latest offerings are formidable.

Whether it's the tablet/laptop hybrid series like the 2-in-1 Latitude or gaming platforms. Diez also hinted at an unnamed “new model” as an alternative to the popular Alienware gaming computers.

“We are trying to cover all the segments in PC: commercial, consumer, mobile," Diez said.

The QC-based manager also shared his personal thoughts on how Dell remained strong despite losing a significant portion of its market in the recent years.

"Talking to different customers, the biggest thing they say is reliability. That's the common thing,” Diez said. “Last week I talked to a commercial customer who purchased an Insipiron, and he's happy with it, he finds it reliable.”

“Most of our customers, they use five or seven-year-old Dells,” Diez shared. “It's the strongest factor for Dell, it's rare for a customer to switch to a different brand. It's almost always a repeat order.”

Sure enough, with its new line of high-performance laptops in the Latitude 3000 and 5000 series and hybrid 2-in-1 Latitude 7000, and the compact heavy-duty Optiplex 9020 and 3020 desktops on top of their new Windows-based tablets, Dell Philippines is dead set on reclaiming its old glory.


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