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[Photo of Motorola phone]While shopping around for a phone last month, I had three requirements: An actual QWERTY keypad, stuff must be easy to find, NOT a touchscreen.

After trying out the slippery keypad of a leading brand and the astronomically priced phone of another, I settled on the practical MOTO Q 9h. This late-2007 Motorola release (US) has made me very happy, even with the tedious chore of “texting.”

The keypad has a nice matte finish that makes it easy to type. The keys aren’t too narrow and are arranged much like any PC keyboard, except for the Caps Lock key (it’s on the right) and Backspace (just a little over the keypad).

As for stuff being easy to find, well, the Calendar, Contacts, Windows Media Player, and Camera all have their own keys. Awesome! What’s even better is this smart phone brings the hands free mobile experience to another level. Voice Recognition has it’s own key. Press it for two seconds and you can say “Call home” or “Call office,” and it will! You can tell the phone to send a text message, e-mail, look up a contact, or open a program.

Not being a touchscreen, the screen resolution isn’t as swanky as phones that cost three times the price of a MOTO Q 9 (I bought my unit at the mall for a little under 16,000 pesos—a real good deal.). But it’s good enough if you’re just looking at applications. When you try to watch a video or view a photo, the resolution is surprisingly better than the Desktop skin. The camera isn’t bad for 2 megapixels. It’s definitely better than the 2 megapixels of competing brands.

Two other things make the MOTO Q 9h my favorite phone: It’s very thin for a phone that packs so many features. It’s so thin, it’s easy (I actually learned how) to type with my thumbs!

Also it has a great light sensor that adjusts the backlight automatically. If it gets too bright for some reason (e.g., you pass an overhead bulb, the phone gets too close to your PC screen), simply put your finger over the sensor.

Any drawbacks? Well, I wish there were an easier way to set the Alarm Clock other than opening Settings. But maybe I’ll find that there is because one thing’s for sure: This phone continues to amaze me.

I hardly ever buy a phone, but I thought this baby well worth the price (SRP 16,500)

Print ed: 12/08


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