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Black Hole

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[Photo of ST Ang's Black Hole]There are endless mysteries, great and insignificant, in this universe. One of them is the cockroach. Is it not ironic this bug is found everywhere, while its existence serves no beneficial purpose? Except, maybe, to creep entomophobes out of their wits or make mysophobes lose their appetite.

For some unknown reason there also exist people who can never be at peace or appeased, making it their life's mission to smear unsuspecting targets with glee, which serve no beneficial purpose whatsoever. These roaches of society turn virtues into venom and nothing you do, however noble, is good enough for them.

Roaches are like storms with no silver lining, which wreak havoc, destruction, and despair in their wake. Their existence is beyond our control, so we may as well accept them without allowing them to break our spirit and collapse our resolve to live a happy life.

So what can you do when you become the target of a roach smear campaign because of your success?

My advice is for you to move on immediately. Neither spend a second to feel aggrieved nor to reply and retaliate. Believe me, it will not add value to your cause. And don't even occupy the precious bytes of your brain memory with roach-infested thoughts? Instead, install an auto-delete mechanism that expunges such thoughts once detected?

When dealing with roaches, you have three options.

1. Retaliate – It's a knee-jerk reaction to wring the neck of your cowardly, scheming tormentor. But do you really want to be dragged down to gutter level where you don't belong?

2. Love – Difficult if you're not particularly inclined to turn the other cheek. You feel violated and isn't it just your survival instinct or natural defense mechanism that wants to seek swift justice and retribution? It may take you awhile to get around to loving those whom you regard as the very dregs of society. In the meantime, however, there's a third option to consider.

3. Black Hole – Relegate all your hurt and wicked feelings to a black hole. Dump all the negativity in the farthest space in your heart as you brace yourself and adjust your own attitude. Let the black hole suck everything to do with roaches out of your life. Exile those roach-ridden thoughts and relegate them to irrelevance. Until such a time when you can love those roaches unconditionally, let them enjoy themselves in that black hole where they can do you no damage.

Print ed: 10/09


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