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Relationship Template

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Relationship templateRelationships whether personal, familial, marital, friendly, professional, business, or investment are vital in living a full, balanced, and accelerated life.

Relationships can either be harmonious or discordant. Harmonious relationships are smooth, seamless, productive, allowing us to move forward fast. Discordant relationships are disruptive and destructive, stopping us dead on our tracks, causing deadlocks, creating bottlenecks, and setting us back.

To use an analogy, harmony is when we paddle our boats in the same direction, discord is when we hit each other with our paddles.

Components of the Template

1) Trust. No man is an island. No one can flourish without a relationship and the key success factor is trust.

2) Celebrate, tolerate. No one is perfect. Celebrate each other's strengths and successes. Tolerate weaknesses and failures.

3) Enjoy, eliminate. Share interests, pare irritants. Find time to enjoy shared interests together to develop the relationship to the next level, while exerting effort to limit or eliminate committing pet peeves of the other party.

4) Build, not destroy. Aim to build confidence by building up, not condemning, each other. During the early part of a relationship, the period of adjustment, people are most vulnerable. If the other party fails, give them the benefit of the doubt. Encourage recovery. If you are the one who fails, rebound quickly, and learn from the fall.

5) We have the luxury of choice, not time. No matter how difficult and contradictory, choose to be happy by enjoying the daily ride we share with others. We have a choice about how to live our lives together. We have the luxury of CHOICE, but we don't have the luxury of TIME. Time is diminishing and quietly running out on us, so let's choose to spend it wisely by being joyful, thankful, faithful, and helpful through both words AND deeds. We know not what tomorrow may bring.

Look at the bright side while not forgetting to prepare for the worst. Live life without regret by learning from the past and then leaving it behind. Enjoy the journey and keep moving forward, slowly but surely inching towards the fulfillment of our shared dreams.

Print ed: 01/10


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