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Philippines Now First World!

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[Superman?]Breaking News! The Philippines has finally emerged as a first world country. A fusion between Singapore's Eastern model and America's Western model for other countries to emulate!

We've built seamless infrastructure: well built highways dotted with gleaming towers, complete with cheap, clean power, safe water, efficient mass transport, high speed communication systems, and plumbing that works all the time.

Foreign investors flock in due to the low cost of doing business since the cost of corruption has been brought down to zero, which in turn provides millions of jobs.

Brain gain has replaced brain drain. Pinoys stop moving abroad for greener pastures, while OCWs come back home to the loving arms of their families, finding way too many jobs that can hardly be filled.

City sidewalks are teeming with people everywhere of the widest diversity: Americans, Europeans, Asians. Armies of Chinese and Koreans are working with vigor and spending like crazy. All are legally documented aliens. Nowhere can you find illegal undesirables who used to lord it over the locals with the competitive advantage of using their undocumented invisibility as a shield, mowing down everyone into submission with unfair business practices.

Tourists keep flying in, marveling at our new state-of-the-art airport. They travel all over the country confident of the peace and order situation, allowing micro-entrepreneurs to sprout out all around the countryside who eagerly sell their wares to free-spending vacationists.

Public servants serve taxpayers with Singaporean clockwork efficiency, American professionalism, and that unique Pinoy charm and inherent honesty. Voters rally before Congress to lobby for quadrupling their compensation package.

Newspapers headlines tout record breaking growth rate, foreign investments, economic prosperity, inspiring stories of rags-to-riches entrepreneurs. The sports pages announce Olympic gold medals of world-class Pinoy athletes financed by excess funds for training generated from squeaky clean government spending.

Then I woke up.

Can it be done? Why not? Let's rule out our 'damaged culture' as a convenient excuse, since this theory has been debunked by outperforming Pinoys living in foreign lands.

How to solve the sick-man puzzle that has plagued us for half a century? LEADERSHIP. Can we find the right one this May? I can only be comforted by the thought that the demographics of our population is slowly evolving. We are now better educated as a result of information technology. IT has been a silver bullet to the knowledge imbalance created by a lopsided tug o' war between the informed haves and the clueless, marginalized have-nots.

After suffering for so long, Filipinos deserve no less than a new beginning. It is time to create our own economic miracle. It is high time for Filipinos to be proud of their nation when they travel to foreign shores. Now is the time to make our dreams come true after a long, long wait.

Print ed: 04/10


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