TAIPEI, 4 February 2015: Plane Crashes Into River

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TAIPEI, 4 February 2015—A Taiwan TransAsia Airways plane crashed into a river in Taipei Wednesday morning, killing nine people, a Xinhua reporter said from the scene.

Flight ATR-72, which was headed for Kinmen from Taipei, had 58 people on board, including 31 passengers from the Chinese mainland. Contact with the plane was lost at about 11AM.

The plane crash landed in the Keelung River after it clipped an elevated expressway with its wing.

A total of 28 passengers have been rescued and taken to nearby hospitals in Taipei and New Taipei City.

Taiwan’s Aviation Safety Council said the crash occurred at 10:45AM (GMT+8). Unverified sources say the wing hit a taxi cab on the expressway. (Xinhua News Agency)

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