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China to Blow Away Global Rivals?

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Wind FarmAccording to a Chinese energy company, the answer to the world’s energy problem may, quite literally, be blowing in the wind.

Guangdong Mingyan Wind Power Technology Co. recently rolled off the market a cheaper, patented generator that can produce up to 1.5 megawatts of wind power. That’s enough to power a small Philippine municipality.

The company says the generator will be, at least, 20% cheaper than counterparts from Europe or the US. Designed especially for China’s harsh climate, the windmills can withstand sandstorms, typhoons, and even snow.

Zhang Chuanwei, chairman of the manufacturer’s parent company, said the generator was certified by German machine standards tester Germanischer Lloyd.

Since the generator was released in mid-August, the company has reportedly received orders for 250,000 kilowatt generators, at 1.6 billion yuan ($210.5 million) per unit.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government website reports that nine new wind power plants will be built in China’s Ningxia Hui region. The project is expected to turn the autonomous region into the country’s biggest wind-power producer by 2020. By then, the power plants are projected to have a collective capacity of 2.15 million kilowatts. An investment of $2.2 billion has already been allotted for the project.

Print ed: 10/07


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