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Things to Do in 2009

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Stressed! All the parties I had to go to, all the other ones I missed, holidays can really be the most stressful times in my life. But then comes the break. A few days of solace and peace just before the New Year.

2009And so I took advantage of the time to think. What things would I like to do in year 2009?

I hope the following thoughts will help you too.

1. We become what we think about most of the time.
The old advice about positive thinking makes a difference. It’s easy to worry about problems, but if you want 2009 to be a better year, think better thoughts! Use posters, signs, and small daily rituals to motivate yourself. Laugh more. Practice optimism.

2. Spend time with yourself.
Some of us need lots of alone time, others need very little, but we all need some. Take time to think, to ponder, to dream. Schedule time to be alone and rediscover your passions, your curiosity, your strengths. Sip tea. Go for a walk. Watch the sunrise. Take notes.

3. Spend time with people.
Sometimes I think conversation is a lost art. Listen to your children. Visit a neighbor, interview a colleague and really listen to them. Make contact with an old friend, cuddle with your lover. Human connection is vital and too often we confuse passing in the hallways of life with actual intimacy. Take time to look into their eyes. Hold hands. Connect.

4. Schedule fun first.
As long-time subscribers to ChinaBusiness know, I’m a fan of year-at-a-glance wall calendars and I’m convinced the first things to schedule are family birthdays, celebrations, vacations, and holidays. Rarely will you look back and remember a day at the office, but you and your children will remember days at the beach, birthday surprises and special vacations for 100 years! Mark your calendars with first things first.

5. Make goals, set targets.
The last and both the most important and the least important steps for success in 2009, is to plan your benchmarks. You need specific, measurable targets for every important goal — so have the courage to think them through and write them down! How much will you earn? What will you achieve in 2009? How will you measure it? Who will help you? What challenges must be solved?

These are important questions, and to make 2009 your best year ever, you must ponder and answer them. But don’t confuse your business goals with living a great life! One is your job, the other is your LIFE!

Yes, we all want to make more money and be more successful in 2009, but keep things in perspective and put first things first. Enjoy yourself. Have fun. Love well. Laugh often. Then set goals, get a strategy, and make more money! I think you’ll like the results.

Mary Manin Morrissey says it well: Start living now. Stop saving the good china for that special occasion. Stop withholding your love until that special person materializes. Every day you are alive is a special occasion. Every minute, every breath, is a gift from God.

Print ed: 01/09


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