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Quiet Abstractions

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[Photo of Rise]Helen Yuchengco Dee, the eldest daughter of Secretary Alfonso Yuchengco, is the acknowledged leader of the Yuchengco Group of Companies after her father. Her solid and astute corporate image as a businesswoman has made her the heiress and caretaker to the corporate financial management legacy her father built.

But very few people know that one of the more influential women in the Philippine business scene paints during her spare time. Art critics such as Rod Paras-Perez and Cid Reyes have commented on her drawings, paintings, and collages for their execution and unique visual expression.

[Photo of Water Rituals]A collection of her paintings at the Yuchengco Museum focuses on her colorful and arresting oil collages made with Japanese gift paper. The collection continues the link of love for art and culture of a family—from the founder’s patronage to the daughter’s personal expression as an artist.

Quiet, elegant, abstract fields with Oriental motifs speak of the inner world of the artist—a world where mind, imagination, and emotions interact in reflective monologue.

Their fleeting imagery brings forth surprises not just for the artist, but for all who view her works. She uses Eastern motifs that shyly peek from borders and imaginary lyrical spaces tempered by fluid brushstrokes. Color, sometimes opaque or transparent, tints the landscapes to produce paintings that evoke a conversation with oneself.


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