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Roadentertainment Touch Screen
If you’re stuck in traffic and almost an hour late for that meeting with your grouchy boss, then roadentertainment’s 7-inch Touch Screen will come in handy. It can’t make the car in front of you move an inch forward, but it can play your favorite DVDs, MP3s, VCDs, CDs, and CD-RWs to keep your mind off the thought that you might be panhandling the next day. It also functions as an AM/FM radio and can even remember 30 stations of your choice. The graphic screen allows easy operation by touch. Oh, it also has a wireless remote control.

Sony XSGF1032XSony XSGF1032X
What good is an amplifier if you don’t have the killer speakers to go with it? Sony’s XSGF1032X 4- inch speakers will please even the most demanding audiophile. These bad boys can deliver crisp and clear sounds even if you get stuck at an intersection where the noise from a road-widening project is driving people insane. So pay no mind to the chaos outside; turn up the volume and enjoy the power of Sony’s XSGF1032X speakers. They’re so good they can make even Air Supply sound hip!

Turismo Sport Steering Wheel
Still short on cash and can’t get that beaut in the showroom? Then it’s time to put your hands on the new Turismo Sport steering wheel from Tenzo Racing Sports. The Turismo looks so sharp it can make your aging lemon look like a powerful European sport sedan! (Well, at least from the inside.) This steering wheel is lined with perforated leather and features a 350-mm aluminum frame with an integrated horn button. Go impress the ladies with its anatomically designed hand rests at the 10 and 2 positions (“They taught me how to use those at racing school, you know...”).

KC 35 Series wide-Beam Driving Light
Afraid of night driving especially in long and lonely stretches? Fear not! The KC 35 Series Wide-Beam Driving Light is here. It has 55W halogen bulbs for brighter, whiter, and more efficient light. See, factory headlights are designed primarily to increase a driver’s visibility range, but KCs are built to give you better side-to-side vision. You know you’ll get your money’s worth because every KC 35 Series light is protected by a durable ABS composite housing. Don’t be surprised if your KCs outlive your rickety ride; the manufacturers were nice enough to throw in a 23-year warranty. So get these virtual night suns and worry no more about things that go bump in the night.

Sony Xplod
You’ll have a pretty good idea of what it can do be- cause its shell says Xplod. This one’s designed with the bass lover in mind. Sony’s Xplod is one powerful amplifier that can deliver a clean and distortion-free sound to your speakers. It is guaranteed to give you the oomph you need to get your heart thumping to the music. This explosive amp also comes in a sleek design giving your car interior that souped-up look today’s motorheads are crazy about.

G-Tech/Pro SS Performance Meter
Now this baby can make a professional test driver out of you. The G-Tech/Pro SS is a cutting-edge tuning tool that measures horsepower, torque, revolutions per minute (rpm), and other car stuff, which, when simultaneously used in one sentence, will make people think you’re a motoring guru! It can also tell you how fast your car can go, from 0 to 60mph or 0 to 100mph. Wanna know what the best part is? It has a user’s manual! Go over the guide and you might even have your own motoring column someday.

TFT Active Matrix Mobile LCD Monitor
You’ve been planning this family road trip for months. Then you find out on the day itself that your mother- in-law is tagging along. Don’t despair. All you need is the TFT Active Matrix Mobile LCD Monitor. Just shove her in the back of the car and let the Active Matrix work its magic! Its 7-inch LCD display panel guarantees a super high-quality picture that will keep her quiet the entire trip. It has its own headrest frame bracket and can be adjusted according to the rear passengers’ viewing angle. The screen’s color, brightness, and contrast controls are all within reach. Bad news: She’ll be so engrossed watching you can’t get her out of her seat and leave her at the next gas stop like you planned.

print ed: 02/08


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