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The Autumnal Electronics

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At a time when tree leaves turn yellow, thousands of exhibitors will gather for HKTDC’s Electronics Fair. The purpose is to lure in partners hungry for distribution deals and new gadgets. Since the Electronics Fair isn’t due until October 13– 16, last year’s statistics will have to suffice in conveying the enormity of the four day event: participants arrived en masse from 25 countries to do business with the 3,014 companies showcasing their wares. The fun stretches until the 16th. All this transpires in the picturesque Hong Kong Conference and Exhibition Center (HKCEC), whose location on the city’s waterfront makes it a favorite for tourists.

The Thursday to Sunday Electronics Fair is sponsored by every Hong Kong-based business association of note. There’s the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, the Chinese Manufacturer’s Association, the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, the Hong Kong Electrical Appliances Manufacturers Association, the Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association, the Hong Kong Exporters’ Association, the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, the Indian Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong, and the HKSAR’s Trade and Industry Department.

At the core of the Electronics Fair is the singular experience of the participants, including the exhibitors who come in multitudes to display their products. A great example would be Advanced Materials Enterprises Company Limited (AME), who faithfully attend each Electronics Fair to sell their technology. To date, AME specializes in heating appliances for home and professional use. Their trademark NanoHeat technology has been applied to cooking devices and laboratory apparatus. Among the latter are milk bottle warmers, pocket heaters, and a toaster grill. Founder, CEO, and Technical Director W.Y. Yeung recalls AME’s Electronics Fair experience with fondness: “This is the biggest fair in the world for consumer electronics. We met many buyers at our booth, including those from Europe, the US and the Chinese mainland, and will follow up with about 200 serious enquiries. They included huge multinational companies that wish to set up operations using our technology. We also met traders interested in importing our products into their markets.”

Eclecticism remains the order of the day as every conceivable type of consumer electronic product will be displayed throughout the HKCEC. The broad spectrum of gadgetry includes audio visual, computer peripherals, cameras, electronic accessories, gaming, home appliances, healthcare electronics, vehicle navigation systems, office equipment, personal electronics, telecommunications, and security.

For the 31st installment two months from now, it’s the same venue, same days, perhaps more people. The glowing figures on China’s electronics clout are indicative of its envied role as the best place for appliances and consumer gadgets to be manufactured; no less than eight out of every ten DVD players sold around the world are Chinese made. China is also leading in hand held devices and cameras, with a 50% increase in sales compared to 2010. Don’t forget all those iPads. Tablet computers and e-readers continue to shake up the PC-world since Apple’s game-changing iPad was outed in April last year, so expect a deluge of tablets to enjoy a large role in the upcoming fair.

With more people and definitely thousands of companies hungry for crucial supplier transactions to solve sourcing needs, activity in the Electronics Fair is going to be thick. Registration is ongoing and first timers have the benefit of looking forward to the HKCEC itself. A marvel of post-modern architecture equal parts Sydney Opera House and space age venue, the five storey HKCEC offers a wonderful view of the harbor and is accessible by shuttle, cab, or MRT. Those interested in participating can register and send their queries via www.hktdc.com.

Print ed: 08/11


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