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Warrior or Wimp?

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[Cartograph sketch]In the course of my doing business, I have encountered—and been inspired—by STRIVERS, who are so full of life and energy. They have that carpe-diem mindset, while looking forward to the next day.

I have also crossed paths with—and been vexed by—SLACKERS. They are empty shells, devoid of hope, counting down the hours for the day to end while dreading the next.

I'd like to offer a ray of hope for slackers. You will always have a choice: to either be the master of your fate or to be a slave to it.

You only have one life to live, so may as well go for it. Do your best and who knows? Your hard work may just be rewarded with a breakout season. Even if it isn't, excellence is a reward in itself and will give you a sense of fulfillment, satisfaction, and purpose.

Winner or Loser?

What separates winners from losers?

LOSERS are slacking WIMPS, who go through the motions sans motivation. They give up at the first sign of trouble and are quick with their arsenal of excuses to justify their faults. Their lethargy makes them allergic to responsibility.

WINNERS are striving WARRIORS, who keep doing their utmost with a passion regardless of circumstances. They neither give up nor lose sight of their goals, even if everything is going against them. Learning from their mistakes, they know that sooner or later the value they add will be recognized and rewarded.

Value and Indispensability

Make yourself valuable and indispensable. Your degree of success or failure will be commensurate to the degree of your value and indispensability.

At the end of the day, it is your decision whether you will be a—

WIMP, who will inevitably fall into the dustbin of ignominy, suffering the misery of mediocrity and irrelevance; or a

WARRIOR, who will eventually rise to the top, impact the world, and celebrate the joy of excellence—and relevance.

It's really your choice. Choose your future.

Print ed: 12/09


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