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The “Titan” is a no-nonsense phone. The interface isn’t as snazzy as something Apple can design (we got tired of saying “iPhone”...hah). But HTC execs say they’ve long dealt with technological problems other more popular brands (not just Apple now, but Nokia, Sony Ericsson, etc.) have only learned how to deal with recently. The best thing about the TyTN is its not fragile. Great if you like phone features such as putting photos of your contacts in your phone book. (Just poke a face to call the person...heh).

Apple iPhone
Unveiled at the start of the year (but only recently made available), the iPhone was touted as Apple’s way of revolutionizing the phone. Over- hyped, perhaps, but its 3.5-inch (9-cm) touch screen and chrome case sure is pretty! It’s powered by the Apple OS X operating system, is Wi-Fi compatible, and has a 2-megapixel camera. It comes in 4GB and 8GB to store videos and songs. At less than 1 cm thick, this iPod-organizer-weather station-Web browser-video player-phone combo is definitely a wonder. We don’t know how much it sells for in Manila or Beijing, but in the US it’s initial retail price was $499. The iPhone will be available in Manila in 2008.

KDDI PenckKDDI Penck
This is a real keeper that’ll stifle your gadget lust longer than any of the touch-screen, bells- and-whistles-packed gizmos in the market today. It’s a couple of years old, at least, but you’ll find the milky white version (it also comes in interesting bitter colors) timeless if you don’t mind a dated graphic interface. Simply beautiful. The sad news: Last we checked, it’s only available in Japan.

LG Prada
This is like the runway version of the iPhone. But if you aren’t an LG fan, you may just turn up your nose at this and move on. But if you’re a lady who loves anything with a Prada label on it (or have a lady friend that does) then this is worth a second look. The 3-inch screen isn’t bad either.

Sony Ericsson W880i
Sony Ericsson has made a phone so thin (9.4 mm!), that when you first use it you may feel like it’ll break! This phone will sort of remind you of those thin Japanese per- sonal radios that were popular decades ago. But the W880i is really a Walkman-cum-phone with shortcuts to your favorite songs. Great for slipping into your back pocket – just don’t forget to take it out before you sit!

Helio Ocean
It isn’t pretty, it isn’t macho. It’s somewhere in be- tween. Aside from music and video, this dual-slide phone is great if you’re a Messenger junkie. The Contact list integrates seamlessly with Yahoo! and Windows Live Messenger, so as you check out your address book, you’ll see who’s logged on.

Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition
Sirocco is the Italian word for a hot desert wind. It’s also a mutant character from Marvel Comics. Either way, the name fits the phone. If you find touch screens too girly, you’ll like the 8800’s stainless steel case. Very manly. Looks like something you could throw right into your travel bag along with your shaving kit.

Motorola MOTOROKR Z6
Motorola — although they may not admit it — combined the interface of an iPhone with the features of a Walkman in the MOTOROKR Z6. Great PC-synching capability and fast file transfers via USB. But the thing about the mirror-like, glass-metal finish: you’ll either like it or you won’t.

Sony MyloSony Mylo
If the iPhone is an iPod-cum-phone, the Mylo is a messaging gizmo-cum- Skype phone. It’s Wi-Fi capable but can be hooked up to an ISP if you happen to be out-of-hotspot-range. You can also watch movies, listen to music, and play games on it. And, if you ever feel like working, you can answer your office e-mail as well! If you want a more substantial gadget you can hang on to and hate touch screens, you’ll prefer the Mylo over the iPhone. It’s cheaper by $150 too.

print ed: 12/07