88DB PHL acquires Hotjobs, China Business Philippines

88DB PHL acquires Hotjobs, China Business Philippines

PASIG CITY, 10 February 2015— Expanding its reach with a presence in print, 88DB Philippines acquired BPO Hotjobs, OFW Hotjobs, and China Business Philippines in early January. All three publications were previously published by Fairnews Media Inc.

Under the management of 88DB Philippines, Hotjobs will reach out to more job seekers, adding a powerful online element to its services via 88db.com.ph.
88DB Philippines is one of the leading providers of web solutions for businesses and consumers in the country. Its online portal, 88db.com.ph, will provide Hotjobs advertisers with a wider reach, both online and in print.

As the second largest classifieds portal in the Philippines, 88db.com.ph garners a substantial amount of unique hits on a daily basis.

88DB Philippines CEO Jayjay Viray said the acquisition will be beneficial to both 88DB and Hotjobs.

“As entrepreneurs, we at 88DB are always looking for investments. Getting a print counterpart for our job portal will help us hit a market that was previously inaccessible to us. Likewise, Hotjobs will benefit from having an online component.” she said.

She said that while Hotjobs does a great job saturating business districts, 88DB plans to add more areas of distribution.

“The market is growing exponentially, and we plan to match that growth,” she added.

Editor in chief Marion Marking, on the other hand, said the acquisition of the weekly free paper was timely. She said, “Hotjobs reached its peak with a purely print model. To take it to the next level, we need a competitive online presence.”

“And there is no better way to do that than with a top classifieds portal, which also understands the nuances of the local job market,” she explained.

88DB Philippines has made it a mission to help small, medium, and large enterprises, professionals, and institutions by providing them with an effective way to promote their products and services. Its team of experts regularly unleashes a wide range of web services, such a web design and development, e-Commerce, e-Learning, and online recruitment solutions.

About the monthly magazine China Business Philippines, Viray said it needs to make its mark with a younger generation.

“Steering the magazine in a new direction, we are also thinking of exciting ways to make it more appealing not only to the Chinese Filipino community, but also to all enterprising individuals,” China Business’ new publisher said.

Viray, has 19 years of IT, managerial, and entrepreneurial experience under her belt. As managing director of JobsDB Philippines, she grew it to the second largest online jobs portal in the country.

Early in her career, Viray also worked as advertising and customer service manager at Edsa Mail Philippines and as customer service manager at Dial Back USA.

The biggest change of all: China Business will now feature personalities on its cover.

“We discovered that, more often than not, readers pick up a magazine based on who is on the cover,” Viray said.

Marking concurred. “While there are still readers who pick up a magazine for its topic, the number of readers drawn by visuals—a person or scene that interests them—continues to grow.”

“What’s more, a story about, say, a website that sells only high-end real estate, no matter how well written will never be as good as, for example, the Fil-Am maverick who launched it and convinced several investors to join him,” said the editor in chief.

In the next few months, the team of 88DB Philippines will be busy not only producing a fresh new look for Hotjobs and China Business but also developing new distribution strategies to reach more readers

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